Monday, November 30, 2009


Trains no longer stop in MacTier but it owes its existance to the railroads. Formerly known as Muskoka Station, the village once played a vital role as a switching station, due to its location halfway between Sudbury and Toronto. I like how their village mural extends low enough to the ground to include the bushes in the picture.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


I was amused by the name of this boat at first, and found it ironic when I noticed the ice off its starboard bow. Three years after the real Titanic sank, Port Sandfield was home to the invention of the Dippy, a wooden boat specially designed that its propellor retracts automatically if it should accidently run into an underwater hazard.


When I was photographing Christ Church at Gregory, I was attracted to their dock with its pattern of knots and colour of the weathered wood. Countless leaves were wedged between the rows of planks and resembled the congregation sitting in the pews.


Will this be the end of the road for this 1942 Dodge Tandem truck, or is it waiting to be discovered and lovingly restored by a collector? In the meantime it continues to rest and rust at the end of Butter & Egg Road, near Bardsville. I loved how the palette of colours from the truck matched the surrounding fall foliage.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


While exploring the area over different days I captured these two pictures and found them remarkably similar, and the reason behind their title. The top is Madill Church, near Huntsville, and the bottom the Seguin Township Museum, near Humphrey, both examples of the few remaining squared, white pine buildings with dovetailed corners.


One of the first attractions I found in my new home of Port Carling was what locals refer to as The Wall. From a distance the mural features the Sagamo, the flagship of the Muskoka steamships; a closer inspection reveals a mosaic composed of 9,028 individual historic photographs depicting 100 years of Muskoka history.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I moved to Muskoka shortly before the autumn colours peaked, and during my leisure time explored the backroads in pursuit of photo opportunities. I was rewarded one morning when I discovered this location and was captivated by the reflection of the trees and a neighbouring boathouse in the water, lending an impressionistic quality to the scene.


Welcome to the launch of my first blog, Muskoka Seasons. As a new resident to Muskoka I wanted to create a blog to allow everyone to share the beauty of this area and its seasons, featuring some of my photographs and experiences.