Sunday, December 4, 2011


A dozen staff from The Rosseau took part in the Bracebridge Santa Claus Parade today, after decorating the shuttle bus and oursElves for the occasion. We all had a festive time and was fortunate that the rain held off until we were finished. It also gave us the chance for the night shift to meet and mingle with some of the day staff.
[Photo taken by a passerby, used courtesy of my coworker Nicole.]


I am fortunate to work with two lovely and talented colleagues on the Night Audit Team at The Rosseau. This morning we had the luxury of some extra time and decided to create Paint characters in lieu of our names, and this was the finished result, my colleagues having helped me put the last touches to mine, which we dubbed Lego Mal Kayaker.
[Thank you for the help and contributions done by Nicole and Leslie.]

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Shalom was the greeting we exchanged with people we encountered on our trek to Bethlehem, around the block in Bala. Hundreds came to take this recreated journey, decreed by Caesar to pay taxes and be counted, and were led in formed groups, the story of The Saviour narrarated by actors and vignettes set up around the neighbourhood.
[Cameras didn't exist then and weren't permitted for pictures now.]