Friday, February 18, 2011


Archdekin Park is named in memory of Dr. Fennell Fleury Archdekin, a General Practitioner who loved and served in Muskoka as a family doctor for 17 years. The small public park doesn't receive the same attention as its neighbour, the larger and more popular Hanna Park, but instead provides an oasis for those seeking solitude or healing.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


With the first of several snowfalls already underway, snowplows are on duty and drivers on edge owing to the high winds causing sudden squalls with whiteout and white knuckle conditions. The long range forecast is calling for snow every day for the next week and counting today's snow, anticipating up to a maximum of 50 cm accumulation.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


A participant waits his turn before being given permission to dive into the water at the Polar Bear Dip, the final event of Winterfest. When it was finished I overheard a bystander comment, "That's it? Where's the Polar Bear guy?" Referring to the costume I rented and my entrance at the end, it made me smile and last year worthwhile.
[Check out the February 8 post last year for a video my son filmed.]


With a deft toss a boy sends a snow snake along a groomed trail, the record being 107 feet. Originally a First Nations game, modern snow snakes are modified broomsticks that have been decorated and then waxed for better performance. Looking on is Doug Smith, curator of the Muskoka Lakes Museum, who hosts the event during Winterfest.