Saturday, October 23, 2010


This afternoon I was canoeing for what may be my last time on the water this year, on a beautiful day with a full week of rain forecast ahead. As I paddled the usual sounds of boats and jetskis were now replaced by leaf blowers and chain saws however when I returned at dusk all was silent, with Mirror Lake reflecting the October scenery.
[Thank you to Nuwan Perera for allowing me the use of his canoe.]


Along a stretch of the Indian River near Mirror Lake lies the dormant waterfront property of the former Glenwood Trailer Park. The site is now involved in a dispute with the proposed development of Hanna's Landing, a subdivision of 250 houses, that has divided residents and become one of the top concerns in the upcoming municipal election.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Closed for the season, the weekly waterski shows performed by SWS wrapped up the month before, and the last of the visitors gone after Thanksgiving with their memories and photographs. With the row of colourful Muskoka chairs stowed away, the waterfront of Clevelands House is now quiet and empty. Visit now and the view is yours alone.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today I found myself in Bala again, this time to volunteer with other Marriott employees from both The Rosseau and the Residence Inn in Gravenhurst, who spent the day working together on the Habitat for Humanity home currently being built. Matched with the regulars, we accomplished a lot and learned some interesting tricks of the trades.
[Picture taken by Sarah Lehman from the HR Dept at The Rosseau.]

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Northrup, a third generation Johnston in the family owned business, harvests cranberries using the wet rake method, where a mechanical picker combs the berries off the vines. His grandfather Orville began the business close to Bala in 1947, not only attracted by its potential but also the proximity to Dunn's Pavilion, for he was also a musician.

Another method of harvesting is called beating, demonstrated by this machine with a water reel that beats the berries off the vines where they float to the surface, and are manually corralled for pick up. This enterprise, started in the 1960's, is owned and operated by the Wahta Mohawks, who arrived here from Oka, Quebec in 1881.

Friday, October 8, 2010


The welcome sign that greets you at the entrance into Port Sydney reads "Home Of 800 Nice Families & 1 Old Grouch". It is also home to 1 Old Maple, that stands alone at the Indian Landing park on the outskirts of town along the Muskoka River. When its leaves change colour it is very picturesque and is the perfect epitome of autumn.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


"It's Five O'Clock Xxxxxhere". The only picture actually taken today, the others posted today but from yesterday. I came to join a couple of my coworkers from The Rosseau, on the deck of Turtle Jacks's or TJ's, a popular watering hole in Port Carling scheduled to close down next weekend. Today was a day of R&R for me... rest and recovery!


As I started back for home after a full day of exploring Milford Bay, divided between hiking and canoeing, I was treated to a spectacular sunset. I had previously posted an entry about the Marmilwood, the boathouse at this location but this time the sunset was now the main attraction, with the lilys from the summer replaced by fallen leaves.


October began and continues to bless us with beautiful weather, and promises to deliver us a glorious Indian Summer. To take advantage of the weather and see the colours from the water, I rented a canoe and explored the group of Seven Sisters Islands, ending at Idlewylde Island with a photograph of Indian Head Rock, to initiate the season.


Formerly from the city, Moose Flambe now lives out at this cottage on Lake Muskoka. One of the 326 fiberglass moose statues, each a different style that were commissioned and sponsored for Toronto's Moose in the City street exhibition of 2000, before being auctioned off or sold online afterwards, with the proceeds benefiting charities.


These Maple Grove cabins are some of the few remaining buildings from Milford Manor, a popular resort formerly known as Cedar Wild. After it was permanently closed the main lodge was used for part of the action movie The Long Kiss Goodbye in 1996, posing as the Deer Lick Tourist Lodge and starring Geena Davis with Samuel L. Jackson.
[This clip shows the blast scene of the main lodge from the movie.]

Sunday, October 3, 2010


The reflection of several Muskoka chairs from the long row of them set along the waterfront of Clevelands House had me also reflect on how often they've been photographed, starting with Kodak Brownies after Ted and Laura Wright introduced the row of coloured chairs to the finished patio in 1956, and establishing this famous trademark.
[Thank you to Bob Cornell for providing me the details of this post.]