Friday, December 18, 2009


Mounds of snow blanket everything as over 100 cms fell over the span of a few days, breaking recent records and creating chaos throughout Cottage Country. Schools remained closed for 3 days straight and many local businesses were forced to close when power outages and dangerous road conditions prevented people from getting to work.


  1. Oh My is there really a vehicle under all that????? I thought Huntsville was bad...but no comparison!!!!!

  2. Wow! and I thought we had snow here in Huntsville.....I guess Minden also was hit just as bad!!!! Thanks for your comments and I'm so glad you are enjoying my blog....I get a bit discourage at times when I keep posting but never receive comments....that's fuel to my they say.I received my first DSLR this Christmas so there should be an improvement in my images....hopefully!!!!!

    I truly enjoy the wildlife and beauty of this area...but my dream is to see Alaska....did you get away from the routine tourist traps????? I would also Love to visit and fish the waters of The Queen Charlotte Islands...I've been to Alberta to visit a daughter and will be returning this late summer....they are taking me up to the Wilmore Reserve area by horseback...hopefully I will be able to handle a longer ride this time.....

    Well Malcom maybe in the New Year we can enjoy a shoot together or share some past photographic experiences....