Monday, February 8, 2010


Beautiful weather contributed to a great weekend for those that attended Winterfest. The festival offered a variety of activities, workshops and events that appealed to all ages, as well as meals and snacks to satisfy every appetite. The highlight and closing event was the Polar Bear Dip, an event that I participated in... as a polar bear.
[A great job by Alistair, my ten-year-old son, who filmed this video.]

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  1. OMG Malcolm how does it feel to immerse yourself in that fridgid water?????? I just can't see how my body core would survive such a you climatize your body with cold baths or something?????

    Thanks for the comments on my Stubb's Falls shot...I would have liked a bit more light but then you have those dark shadows to contend with.....I'm off to Algonquin on Sunday for some serious snowshoeing with my friend from Fort Erie....of course with camera in tow.....we are going to try the mountain bike trail....a fellow photographer said it was a good one to spot wish us luck!!!!!