Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Every time I drive by Milford Bay I always glance at this boathouse cottage, as viewed from the highway. Once part of Robert Eaton's estate, a relative of department store founder Timothy Eaton, he named it after his daughters Margaret and Mildred. During WW II it served as a convalescent hospital for the Royal Canadian Air Force.
[My August entry, "Broadcasting Live" features their original boat.]


  1. Hi Malcolm,
    There is an antique boat that was also named Marmilwood that belonged to the Eatons. I believe it was a 1926 Ditchburn somewhere around 31 feet. It was donated to a camp and later purchased by the Stafford Smythe family (of Toronto Maple Leafs fame) as their family launch on the other side of Lake Joseph. I think it was named the "Big M" but I am not sure what happened to her

  2. Hi Ed,
    The Marmilwood has since been restored by its latest owners, the Gareaus in 1992, and is once again gracing the lakes under its original name. I saw it myself at the MLA boat show in Port Carling and featured it on one of my August 7th entries. For a full story on it including the info you provided in your comment visit the Alumni News website at: and scroll down to the bottom of the page.