Thursday, September 23, 2010


This title is a double reference to the colourful combination of the maple leaves in the foreground and to the Ferndale Lookout Tower, used during the filming of seasons 3-6 of The Red Green Show with the lonely Ranger Gord. Built in the 60's for the Ferndale Resort, it's no longer accessible to the public and the site now private property.


  1. Was feeling nostalgic and Google searched for Ferndale and Port Carling. Amazed to stumble on your pic of the Ferndale Lookout Tower. Brought back memories of the fall of '77. That was the last time I was up on that tower. Fantastic view of the area, especially during the colours of September!

  2. Thanks for sharing your story and visiting! I'm glad you came across my blog. I have to agree with you, the tower offers the best view of Lake Rosseau, and the only place you can see both The Rosseau on the left side of the lake and Windermere House on the right at the same time.