Saturday, October 23, 2010


Along a stretch of the Indian River near Mirror Lake lies the dormant waterfront property of the former Glenwood Trailer Park. The site is now involved in a dispute with the proposed development of Hanna's Landing, a subdivision of 250 houses, that has divided residents and become one of the top concerns in the upcoming municipal election.


  1. I have spent many hours in the OMB hearings and this is a very big case of NIMBY. Fear mongering on the part of 1 party will cost untold hundreds of thousands to the general public. Before you jump on any bandwagon, get the facts

    1. Congrats on your name-calling, anonymous post. Many of your neighbours disagree.
      They think that giving developers a license to develop 600 units on a narrow water body is going too far - and contrary to what Muskoka stands for.
      Hundreds of people have signed petitions and given money to the cause of demanding better planning. They are not afraid to stand up for the environment and put their names behind the cause.