Monday, May 9, 2011


Everywhere one looks there are signs of spring. The loons and other birds have returned, the fields are popping with colour and the trees are minting new leaves. One of my favourite signs and flowers is the trillium, with carpets of snow-white blossoms replacing the snow and if you're lucky you may find the rarest of them, the Painted Trillium.


  1. Kaunis kuva minulle uudesta tuttavuudesta- 'Kolmisiipisestä' kukasta.
    Kevättä se yrittää - yöllä oli pakkasela.
    Lumet ovat jo melkein hävinneet. Järvet ovat vielä jäässä.
    Kylmä Koillis tuuli.
    Siitä huolimatta - Lämmintä Kevättä...!

  2. Beautiful flower, beautiful photo! You didn't, however, mention the other sure sign of spring: the black fly.

  3. Thank you Esko.
    We have several varieties of trilliums here, of which the Painted Trillium is the rarest. If you refer to my May 1, 2010 post you will see the Red and White Trilliums. The White Trillium is the most common and is also our provincial flower. We don't have a national flower like your Lily-of-the-Valley in Finland.
    After a wet and cool April we are finally enjoying warmer and nicer weather in May and hope you will soon too.

  4. Thank you Cathy.
    I guess I'm guilty of focusing just on the beauty of spring and not mentioning the beast. Perhaps I can do a separate post on the flies and call it MUSKOLKA.