Thursday, August 18, 2011


We then ventured over to the original rock cut during our quest for blueberries, where our shadows became a source of entertainment as vehicles ran us over. Alistair then suggested we wait for a white car to pass, to photograph our shadows on top, and were fortunate when a truck came, the result looking like an ad placed on its side.


  1. Amusing photo! What a good idea to capture shadows from on top of the Huckleberry Cut.
    Hope you found some blueberries too.

  2. Hi Deb.
    Thanks for your message.
    Being with my kids makes me a kid myself sometimes.
    Didn't find any blueberries but had a fun time exploring.

  3. From Huckleberry Fred...
    The rock cut was quite a feat to make when it was originally blasted through the Huckleberry Rocks. The dynamite explosions used to knock pictures off our walls, and the huge earth scrapers and rock moving machines were amazing things to behold for us sheltered youth in the Muskoka backwoods.