Sunday, April 8, 2012


An Ojibwa tale tells of the encounter between two men, the elder Peboan and the younger Seegwun who visits him, where overnight they compare their influences on the landscape. By sunrise the old man melts away, his true nature revealed as Old Man Winter to his guest, the Spirit of Spring, leaving behind in his place, Miskodeed.
[Thanks to fellow blogger Susan Oling, for contributing her photo.]

During my ramblings through the woods today I came across several patches of Spring Beauty, and was reminded of the tale, the Ojibwa calling this wildflower Miskodeed. The name of the young character from this story, Seegwun, the Spirit of Spring, is also the source of the name and meaning that's attributed to the Muskoka steamship.


  1. Wow Great Native Tale, can I use it for my Elder's Group Gathering this coming weekend? It looks perfect with the dark Glad it worked out for you! Thanks also for the credits!!!! Appreciate that very much Malcolm!!!!!

  2. Thanks Susan, twice, for your comment and contribution, which I greatly appreciate!
    One good turn deserves another, so feel free to use this as you see fit.