Thursday, April 29, 2010


Can you solve the mystery of the missing church at Milford Bay?
Where's the church
where's the steeple?
The answer lies
with all the dead people.
[Fred Shaw gave the right answer, on my second comment below.]


  1. Milford Bay is one of my favourite spots to visit! There is a church, down my the water. My friend attends.

  2. I second that! There are two Anglican churches in the area: one is St. Mark's in Milford Bay and the other is St. John's in Beaumaris, however there is a third church that still exists but is missing and is the subject of this mystery waiting to be solved.

  3. Fred Shaw, a former resident of Milford Bay now living in Alberta, recently sent me a kind e-mail that included this message and link.

    "The real reason for this note is to let you know the church in Milford Bay was Wesley United Church, and it was moved to Muskoka Heritage place in Hunstville where it presently sits."