Tuesday, March 8, 2011


With the forecast of a beautiful day, to be followed by deteriorating weather conditions, I took to the hills of Huckleberry Rock to enjoy it. Snowmobilers had left a hard packed trail that I and previous deer took advantage of, and after reaching the lookout, left the beaten track on snowshoes to explore other areas of this interesting place.


  1. Hei Malcolm...
    Varusteissa löytyy. Samoja ovat kuin meilläkin.
    Lumikengät olivat tuossa blogissani esillä.
    Ilma näkyy olevan hieno retkeilyyn...
    Hyvää kevään tuloa...

  2. Great pose there Malcolm...did you set the timer or did someone else take it....was travelling through the park on Monday, returning from the Havelock area....Wow!!! it was Amazing!!!! wish we would have had our snowshoes so we could venture deeper in the bush....what a winter wonderland!!!!!

  3. Thank you Esko.
    It appears we share the same interest in winter activities and your area in Finland looks just as beautiful as mine in Canada.

  4. Thank you Susan.
    I set the timer and used my tripod for this.
    I have to agree wth you on how amazing some of the winter days have been, for those of us who get out to enjoy them.