Sunday, March 27, 2011


I went ice fishing today beside Ouno Island in front of The Rosseau, and took several precautionary measures to get there. I wore a pfd vest beneath and a set of ice picks readily accessible in the event I broke through, with all my gear stowed in a sled, its dragging sound a welcome distraction from the terrifying noises the ice was making.

My sled served a double function as a shelter against the cold wind, making my outing a comfortable and pleasant one and even though the fish didn't cooperate the weather did. I didn't catch a lake trout that I hoped to but caught a tan instead. Looming in the background is one of the three sailboathouses that are located on Lake Rosseau.


  1. Mainio kuva-pari pilkkimisestä ja ulkoilemisesta.
    Sitä se on täällä meilläkin ollut jo tänäkin keväänä pitkään.
    Vasta nyt alkavat päiväiset auringot houkutella pilkille.
    Jäätä on vielä paljon.

  2. Thank you Esko.
    It was nice to get out for the exercise and even though I didn't catch any fish, a bad day fishing is still better than a good day working!
    Most of the snow here is gone but the ice where I was at is still about a foot thick.