Sunday, September 4, 2011


I went to the book launch for The Hidden World of Huckleberry Rock, held at The Rock Golf Club, where I met the photographer and author that collaborated on it. I was also thrilled to meet two other Muskoka bloggers: Ed Boutilier of Muskoka Blog and Cathy Webster of Life on the Muskoka River, and just missed Deb from My Great White North.
[Artwork obtained from Cathy's post on the people behind this book.]


  1. It was great to finally meet Malcolm

  2. Thanks Ed!
    It was a pleasure meeting and talking with you and Cindy.

  3. I apologize for being such a giant sweat ball. You were as cool as a cucumber (WTF, Malcolm? What's your secret?) and I was a puddling mess of perspiration. Oh well. It was GREAT to meet you and I'm SO SORRY I missed Ed. (I think Ed should have us all over one day at his cottage for a blogging meeting of the minds.... hint.. hint...)

  4. Hi Cathy.
    It was GREAT to meet you and your family also, and if it makes you feel any better I had a fly torment me the whole time I was talking with Ed and Cindy. Made a great first impression! I bet Ed can't wait to have us over now!