Thursday, September 1, 2011


We redeemed our gift certificate today for a tour aboard the aptly named Muskoka Memories, a 1960 22' Shepherd runabout. Jeremy Fowler of Butson's Boat Shop took us to Port Sandfield to enjoy ice cream, before cruising into Lake Joseph and returning by the river. We had an awesome time, another one for our Muskoka memories.
[Thank you Jeremy for a great tour and for taking our photograph.]


  1. You're very lucky to have a ride in a Shepard, during the 60s they were a common sight. When parts of the storage facility of the Beaumaris Boathouse Marina collapsed from the weight of snow in the early 60s, we stored 6 boats in our barn until repairs could be made. There was a Shepard inboard with a finish you could see your reflection in. The barn burned down before all boats could be taken out, fortunately the Shepard was one of the first to be repaired and is probably still cruising Muskoka. Huckleberry Fred.

  2. Hi Huck Fred.
    I remember you telling me this story last year and how one wasn't recovered in time and burned. You mentioned back then it didn't seem like such a loss since it was covered by insurance but looking back on it now you realize the loss as they don't make boats like that anymore.
    This Shepherd was a beauty and I love its name.
    Thanks for visiting and sharing your stories.