Thursday, October 6, 2011


Two white buoys mark the location and 78' length of the Waome, a wooden steamship that capsized in a sudden storm on this date in 1934, sinking within a minute and claiming the lives of two people on board and a third afterwards. The wreck sits upright, at almost the same depth as her length, the buoys tied to its bow and stern.
[Click here for more info and to see some photos from the wreck.]


  1. I have seen those markers for years. Until now, I never knew they were marking a ship. I've seen divers there but thought they were just learning how to dive, or practicing, or whatever ... certainly not that there was a wreck they were exploring! Malcolm, I learn something new about Muskoka with just about every one of your posts. Thanks!

  2. Hi Deb.
    Thanks in return for your comment!
    There is certainly no shortage of places to discover or things to learn about in Muskoka, and I'm glad to share my findings with others who are also interested.
    I enjoy and learn a lot from your blog as well and always look forward to your photographs and next outing.