Friday, October 28, 2011


The tugboat Uncle Jim sits idle at the dock by Foodland, silhouetted against the misty surface of the Indian River with Hanna Park in the background. Last night the temperature dipped below zero, autumn slowly being moved along as if by a tug, making one appreciate the beautiful mornings like today while they last, before the snow flies.


  1. What an absolutely wonderful photograph!
    A perfect mirror image in the still water. And the sky seems to be more blue in it's reflection making it even more striking.

  2. Beautiful photo!
    Your ears must have been burning because you were discussed today as being one of, if not THE best blogs in Muskoka. So get busy and get posting!

  3. Thank you both Deb and Cathy!
    I am humbled by your comment Cathy and feel honoured to be part of, to borrow Deb's term, The Usual Suspects, in the Muskoka blog lineup along with:
    Ed of Muskoka Blog
    Cathy of life on the muskoka river
    Deb of My Great White North
    Susan of You can never take too many pictures!
    Gillian of The Bracebridge Photo Project
    I've been busy working and training lately but now have more time to get out and get posting again!