Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This afternoon MacTier was a pit stop for the CP Holiday Train on its 12th annual journey across Canada, its goal to collect food and funds for local food banks, and would have been nicer to see at night for it is decorated with thousands of lights. During the stopover folksinger icon Valdy, joined with Brothers Dube to sing from its box car stage.


  1. Oh! Wow! You are so lucky to have seen this. I have such a soft spot for the CPR and for MacTier - my dad was a railroad engineer and often took the run from Agincourt to MacTier. Every time I hear a train whistle I imagine it's him saying hi.

  2. Maybe it is.
    This was neat to see and it was the first I had heard about this "traindition". I only wish it had been dark to see all the lights!
    Thanks for stopping by Cathy!

  3. Were you standing in front of a little church to get this shot. Location looks familiar.
    Oh, and welcome back!

  4. I never noticed a church in the vicinity. This was taken from the side of a road, and at the bottom of the embankment below the train is a large ballfield.
    Thanks for the message Deb. I'm glad to be back on track, pun intended!