Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I returned in time to catch the last light of the setting sun. I love the different looks and moods with each time I visit. The harsh daylight exposes the blistering paint, the sunset burnishes the lighthouse in gold, and then the dark silhouettes before the solar powered lamp starts its flashing sequence, the only thing that remains constant.


  1. Fabulous photos of your kayaking forays.
    Have you been to see the waterfall at the cottage owned by Kevin O'Leary? It's somewhere between Rothsay Pt.and Llanllar Pt or thereabouts. It's quite spectacular but not always 'switched on'... go figure natural waterfalls, eh?

  2. I do not believe that is Kevin O's place. Kevin is up on Joe in a bay with a small island out front. The place you are referring to is owned by Bobby G., a venture capitalist. The falls also supplies water for a cool water slide that travels from the top of the rock cliff to the bottom of his docks

  3. Hello again.
    I haven't come across his Den yet but I'm sure it must have cost a lot of MONEY!

  4. Hi Ed.
    Thanks for your comment and clarification. I just started exploring Lake Joe yesterday where I couldn't help but notice High Point, another incredible place.