Wednesday, July 6, 2011


As Prince William and Kate tour Canada, their first time since their wedding in April, and today slipped away to a private retreat, some may recall when Prince Andrew and Fergie came to Canada on their first tour in 1987, and stole away to Muskoka where they spent their first anniversary at this cottage, owned by a family with close ties.


  1. Seems like Muskoka has had numerous encounters with Royals. In 1959 The Queen (who was pregnant with Edward at the time) and Prince Phillip came to Torrance to board a train. I remember waving a Union Jack nailed to piece of scrap lumber, leftover from the screened porch my father was building. My grandfather filmed the event on his Kodak movie camera. And while it didn't have sound back then, it was obvious Prince Phillip was saying while standing on the back of the train "let's get going!"
    Not sure where Snug Harbour is on my Rosseau map, but it sure looks more inviting than Torrance!

  2. Hi Deb.
    Thanks for the comment and for sharing your story.
    I am familiar with this visit as Archie Pain, the owner of Paignton House, was the one who escorted the Queen along what is now known as Queens Walk Road in Torrance.
    It must have been interesting to have been there in person and to have that film as a keepsake, priceless with that moment with Prince Philip. I myself don't understand why they would choose Torrance of all places to stop in Muskoka.
    I understand they also attended the official opening of Music on the Barge in Gravenhurst.
    Snug Harbour is a much nicer spot, located south of Rosseau and directly west of the lighthouse.