Saturday, July 23, 2011


A beautiful sunset from my favourite viewpoint and final stop before getting prepared for work. At The Rosseau the sun is also setting on our receivership status after recently being sold to Canadian Niagara Hotels. With a new boat arriving, at the lower left, and replacing the incumbent, I hope it's a smooth trip after the bumps from the wake.


  1. Yes! Hope it's smooth sailing.

  2. Hi Deb.
    Thanks for your comment and concern.
    There is a one month appeal period for anybody that plans to contest it, which there shouldn't be, and then it's official. There is then a couple months transition period before we begin working for CNH, who still plan on flying the JW Marriott flag, but as a franchise instead. They are a successful company with a portfolio of multiple hotels, restaurants and retail so we look forward to working with them.

  3. CNH is a world class operator with vision. I hope the previous owner who owns the abutting properties is prepared to cooperate and work in harmony with CNH to fully develop the vision of the Red Leaves community. Best of luck.